why do i need a car inspection?

Why Choose A Pre-purchase inspection?

Why pre-purchase Vehicle inspections are so important

If you are looking at purchasing a second-hand car, whether it is from a private seller or a used car lot, you will want to take advantage of pre-purchase inspection services. Sadly, this is something many people tend to forget or outright choose not to do, mostly due to being unaware of the advantages. This article explains what a pre-purchase inspection is, why you need one, and everything else you might need to know.

A pre-purchase inspection is an inspection of your prospective vehicle done by an independent contractor, someone who is completely neutral about the condition of the vehicle. An inspector has nothing to gain by saying that the car is in good or bad shape, they get paid for an honest evaluation of the car. The inspection is done by an expert, typically a mechanic or technician. They will have all of the knowledge and experience necessary, they will perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle, and point out trouble spots that only a professional would notice. Making you more aware of your prospective vehicle so you can make an informed buying decision.

What are the benefits of a pre-purchase inspection?

There are numerous benefits of having a professional set of eyes at your disposal. The inspector knows exactly the right questions that the seller should be asked, what the lesser-known problem areas of the vehicle are, and will notice the red flags that you might not. Here are the biggest benefits:

Save money:

Going through with a deal that may ultimately end up in you getting ripped off is expensive, to say the least. Even on cheaper models, you may be set back a hefty sum with tons of repairs. The best way to avoid this completely is by hiring a pre-purchase inspector. If your pre-purchase inspection reveals serious issues or items requiring attention. It gives you the ability to have the concerns repaired prior to purchasing, negotiation power, a combination of both repairs and better pricing, or the ability to avoid buying a vehicle with problems.

Protection from shady sellers:

The role of the shady used car dealer has been portrayed on the television more times than you can count. This stereotype hasn’t just popped up out of nowhere; it is based on the real world of used car sales. It is not in the seller’s best interest to sell you a good car most of the time, it is in their best interest to move cars as fast as possible. Getting rid of the lemons will keep them from filling up their lot, and put money in their bank. Your pre-purchase inspector will utilize their tools and expertise to determine if your car is a lemon or not. They aren’t looking to buy the car, they won’t fall for the clever wording or the pretty picture the salesman may paint. Having someone who isn’t afraid to call out the imperfections/deficiencies that the car may have can save you in the long run. Not all salesmen have ill intent, but some do.

There are many different common sales tactics that shady sellers employ to guarantee the sale, quickly, before you have time to think about what’s going on:

  • Pestering you constantly instead of leaving you alone to view the car at your leisure.
  • Trying to get you to agree to a payment plan, not an exact price.
  • Lying about the car’s history (“Only had one owner, a little old lady who hardly used it”).
  • Pushing you to make a deal NOW, “There are lots of other people interested, the car might be gone by this afternoon”.
  • If the seller opposes you getting an independent pre-purchase inspection, they are hiding something.
  • No test drive allowed.

The power of negotiation:

Hiring a professional can greatly improve your power at the negotiating table. Your pre-purchase inspector will open your eyes to the true value of the car, as you will be able to see the deficiencies that you will be able to tell the seller. This can take anything from a few bucks off the price to a few thousand, you never know.

Where can you get one?

There are plenty of pre-purchase inspectors all over the country, but if you are looking for the best in the Atlanta area you will want to give Car Pro Inspections a call. They are the newest professional inspectors in the area and are ran by highly capable technicians dedicated to saving you money, and making the buying process go as smoothly as possible. Don’t risk being ripped off, call Car Pro Inspections today.


I hope this article has given you some insight into the benefits that a pre-purchase inspection can provide. You will be so much better off seeking the help of experienced, dedicated professionals. Buying a used car can be such a gamble, one that most people can’t afford to make. Don’t risk it, make the call


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